L. R. AXE ACADEMY Grosse Pointe Guitar Lessons
Learn Guitar Playing Techniques to elevate your skills: Music Theory, Rhythm, Phrasing, Chords, Scales, Arpeggios, Improvisation, Song Writing, Reading Music, Proper Practice Routines.
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Leon Rahmaan is a Composer Guitarist and Recording Artist in the Grosse Pointe / Detroit Mi area.  Providing guitar Instruction to beginner to advanced students. For more information call:                                                                   (313) 969-9981  or email info@leonrahmaan.com


Are you serious about your Guitar playing?
Would you like to make enormous skill improvement in the shortest possible time?
Do you have plenty of material to practice, but not certain exactly what to practice on guitar to get the best results?
Are you near the Grosse Pointe, Detroit, or St. Claire Shores Mi. area, and want guitar lessons tailored to your needs?

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"I've been playing guitar by ear for over 10 years now and finally decided it was time to take it to the next level.  I started taking lessons with Leon 6 months ago and his focus on both technique and theory has helped me improve my soloing skills, which was my primary goal.  It doesn't get much better as far as personalization of the lessons goes.  Leon will give you a summary and homework after every lesson.  Every minute with him is well spent reviewing what you've learned, making sure your technique is correct and learning new stuff.  Definitely worth it!" 
[Taylor CE414, Fender American Stratocasters, Mesa Boogie Rectifier]

"I was looking for a teacher who can show me how to play faster and clean at the same time. This is key to shred and playing metal/technical music – on all skill levels. I also wanted to learn music theory required to compose, improvise and jam. In addition, it would have been really nice if that teacher was not only into the same music I like but also knew exactly how to instruct me according to a tailored plan. I was just about to settle for less until I came across L. R. Axe Academy.

After the first lesson and the first instructional material I received, I knew that I have finally found what I was looking for. I have been with Leon for some months now and his teaching skills helped me to improve my technique and knowledge far better than expected. He knows exactly how to tweak thumb muting, sweeps, tapping, trills, vibrato, harmonics etc. The tailored instructional material I get after each lesson contains samples in tab and standard notation. Besides all the hard facts, the lessons with Leon are always a big fun. If you really want to improve on the guitar and have a blast at the same time, I highly recommend Leon as a guitar instructor. 
[Gibson Les Paul Custom, Shecter Hellraiser, C-7 FR, Engl Gig Master, Zoom G7.1ut]
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