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Guitar Instructor in the Grosse Pointe, St. Clair Shores, and Detroit Michigan area.

  • Are you serious about your guitar playing?
  • Are you frustrated with the progress of your guitar playing?
  • Would you like to reach your musical goals in the shortest possible time?
  • Do you want to express yourself through your guitar playing?
  • Do you want to be able to jam with your friends?

If you answered yes to any of the above questions, I can help you to reach your musical goals. I also struggled playing guitar for several years, until I found a good Instructor / mentor and coach to help me to become a better player.

I can help you vastly improve your playing. Click Contact to get started.

What can I do for you?

I am very passionate about teaching, and take pride in the method of instruction that I get across; but more important, making sure that you understand the material and information that is being given to you as the student. It is critical that the teacher have a good clear understanding of the goals that you have. I must emphasize, that your goals are "CRITICAL", no matter who you take lesssons with. Knowing your goals are a very crucial part of your learning. It gives the instructor insight on the necessary instruction to progressively get the student to his or her goals. 

Do you need to take lessons?

This is the most commonly asked question. Taking lessons from a good instructor will save you a great deal of time in reaching your musical goals.
Many guitar players spend countless hours practicing material that may not be geared towards their development or skill level. In other words, you need to identify what is important to benefit your progress and what is not. There are tons of guitar tabs on the Internet that you can download and learn that will of course help your playing in some aspects. This only focuses on one small area of your playing. This is where a good guitar Instructor comes into play. An instructor that can help you develop the tools to LEARN and CREATE your own licks, be able to put your musical ideas in action, and bring your creative energy to life. This is the accomplishment that guitar lessons can provide.

What will you get?

You will gain knowledge in many areas that will take your playing to the next level. Depending on your goals, the following is a short list of some of the areas of study we will focus on: Music Theory (modes, scale, and cord structure); Technique (picking, string skipping, tapping, and sweeping); Improvisation; Song Writing; Phrasing; Practice Strategies; and more. You will also learn how to take the information that you have learned and apply it in a musical situation. The skill set you gain will give you an advantage over the average guitar player. So, if you are serious about taking your playing to the next level Contact me and I would love to discuss you musical goals with you.
You will also receive email support for questions and help will lesson material.


Leon Rahmaan (Guitarist, Composer, Instructor) is offering lessons to the Grosse Pointe, St. Clair Shores, and Detroit areas. He is located in Grosse Pointe MI., and is just 10 minutes from St. Clair Shores, and 5 minutes from Detroit. To get started, fill out the questionaire on the Contact page. For general questions please email Leon at info@leonrahmaan.com.
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