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Below is a list of several great musicians from all over the world that I have the pleasure of knowing and being affiliated with. Some offer some very great musical advice, tools, and knowledge. Please browse around you may find some very helpful information. Leon approves and recommends the listed musicians.


Tommaso Zillio is a progressive rock guitarist, session musician, composer, and music educator based in Edmonton, AB. From guitar solos to full-blown orchestral arrangements, Tommaso can help you add that so needed shine and sparkle to your music.

Chris Fury is a professional guitarist from Long Island, NY. He is an active session musician, composer, rock instrumental solo artist and guitar instructor where he is dedicated to having his students reach their goals.

Colin Berg is a from artist from who explores music and technology. He is a digital music composer living in Seattle Washington and writes from electronic to film score music that is from soft to heavy. Explore compositions as well as articles and media about artwork and human connections with nature.

Looking for guitar lessons in Rehovot? Tips, tricks, exercises and more at Guitar Lessons Israel.

Have you ever wanted to know how to rap? Then you should check Lord Lav. He has some excellent resources teaching you how to rap as quickly and efficiently as possible!

Du suchst einen Session- Gitarristen, hast einen Studiojob oder brauchst sogar Gitarren- Verstärkung für deine Band? Malik ist ein vielseitiger und flexibler Gitarrist aus Göttingen, der vor allem im Rock und Metal zu Hause ist, andererseits jedoch vor keiner Herausforderung zurückschreckt. Wenn du saubere und solide Arbeit an der Gitarre suchst, nimm Kontakt zu ihm auf.

If you live in or near the Beaver County Pennsylvania, are serious about Achieving your musical goals, AND if you are ready to finally commit to getting where you want to be, then visit guitar lessons in Beaver County.

Do you think there has been no good music in the last 2 decades? The classic riff-driven 80's metal is back, with a vengeance and a twist! To satiate your thirst of heavy, melodic, no-holds barred music, check out heavy metal guitarist Dan Smith. (We disclaim any damage to your eardrums and furniture. Caution: may cause addiction).

Learning guitar? I have the tools to help you through the early stages whatever your long term goals. Let's get started with your guitar lessons in Gungahlin.

Jimmy Alford is a instrumental metal guitarist from Southampton, UK.He combines his wide influences from Melodic Rock to Death Metal to create an uncompromising yet accessible brand of Progressive Metalcore.

Kwote is a Composer and Turntablist, Scratch DJ Instructor. Kwote currently releases free instructional articles for Turntablists of all skill levels, as well as offers direct instruction for scratch dj’s online via Skype. Break free of your frustration and get the inspiration and advice needed to become an outstanding scratch dj.

Arguably one of the best gypsy jazz guitarists in Italy, Dario Napoli's latest record GYPSY BOP is truly a unique blend of European and American jazz, in a sultry, all-acoustic setting.

Troubadour North, an Alaska Country music and Classic Rock band centered around strong male vocals thats a sure draw to venues from miles around. Dance the night away and make your night out a memorable one with Alaska's band, Troubadour North!

Looking for extreme metal? Get all the metal and shred you could ask for from this virtuoso guitar player.

Do you want to play blues guitar? You'll get tips and advice including tablature and mp3's to practice with when you download this free guitar ebook. Learn the basics of blues guitar by following these steps.

Have you ever wanted to be in a band? Play your favorite songs? Now you can with North Shore Guitar Lessons in Sydney.

Ken K is available for all types of private events, corporate events, parties, shindigs, hootenannies and hoodangs. Solo or with a band, always high quality music, exceptional musicianship and uncommon professionalism


James Scott is a London Music Producer offering a wide range of online and in-person services to bands, solo artists and aspiring producers. Whether you need assistance with production for you or your band, instruction in recording and production or session guitar work, James can help you and your music reach its full potential.

George ShredKing Engelbrecht will dazzle you with virtuosic lead guitar and epic song writing that makes the unique style of Renaissance Metal. Experience the fire and power of the King of Shred.

Whether it's writing/producing the perfect song for your recording artist(s) or finding the right music for TV/Film, music producer and songwriter Rovan Deon of The Duke Music Factory makes it easy for you in the most seamless manner. We create good songs so you don't have to.

Vill du lära dig spela gitarr, men Vet dinte vart du ska börja? Du behöver inte leta längre, Om du letar efter gitarrlektioner i mark's kommun eller borås, så leta inte längre, börja idag! Boka en gratis prova på lektion idag och få reda på hur du kan uppnå dina mål!

Avant-garde post metal surrounded with melodic vocals, aggressive guitar work, complex drumming, and passionate lyrics.

Music Resources

One of the most important thing you need to have as a guitar player is your very own, personalized and custom made guitar practice schedule. Get it now.

Want more free advice on learning how to play guitar? Check out these free lessons on guitar playing, guitar practicing and more. You can now read more than 50 guitar articles for free.

Want to know who the gatekeepers are in venues in and around Alaska? Are you wanting to find out who is in charge of gigs in Alaska? How about meeting other musicians playing in Anchorage, Kenai, Homer, Fairbanks and Juneau? Stop by Music Punks and find out whats going on now!? Are you wanting to know where all the hot spots are? Well check out Music Punks, your northern connection to whats going on!

Musical Coaching

Beginning guitarists often don't know where to start and what to learn. If you have just bought a new guitar for yourself or your child and are looking for the best guitar lessons in Croydon, Vicki at Croydon Guitar Tuition is the girl you need to speak to!

At Altrincham Guitar School you'll receive more than just guitar lessons I will coach and mentor you into becoming the musician you dream of becoming.

If you are looking for the best guitar lessons in Long Island New York, look no further. Long Island School of Guitar, the premier guitar resource for studio and in-home guitar lessons, articles and more! Take your guitar playing to the next level and conquer your goals. Learn music theory, scales, soloing, improvisation, song writing and obtain a solid foundation to guitar playing.

Do you want to take your Guitar playing to the next level? Don't wait, sign up for the best Guitar lessons in Jim Thorpe, and Hazleton! When you Study at David's School of Guitar, you get more than just a teacher. You get a coach, a mentor, and resources that will inspire you to reach your goals. Sign up today!

Are you a parent in search of quality private guitar lessons for your son or your daughter?

Have you become frustrated with your guitar playing or progress? GuitarStudio1 offers the best way to learn guitar and have fun! Joe Bailey is a full time music professional helping musicians achieve great results in the playing. All levels/ ages, electric and acoustic styles. become that guitar player you always dreamt of being! Guitar Lessons in Longfield, North West Kent, Uk

Are you new to the guitar or bass and not sure where to start. Guitar Lessons Geauga will offer you the guidance and support you need to get started today.

Boston Voice and Guitar Lessons: Are you interested in learning to play the guitar, sing or both? It is hard to find a teacher that teaches both voice and guitar as well as songwriting in the Boston area. If you are interested in pop, acoustic rock, classic rock, folk and comtemporary top 40, Boston Voice Lessons and Boston Guitar Lessons can help you become the guitarist and/or vocalist you have always wanted to become.

Looking for local Alaskan music lessons that teaches lower 48 states music skills? Find out how you can level the playing field and reach your musical goals NOW!

Personalized guitar instruction aimed at making music - not just playing exercises. Learn skills you can use like jamming with other musicians, songwriting and adding value to any musical situation. Guitar lessons in Mesa, AZ

Think your child could be the next guitar hero? Check out First Strings for the best Guitar and Ukulele lessons for children in Glasgow.

Learning guitar doesn't have to be a struggle. Guitar Lessons in Seattle is dedicated to helping you get to where you want to be. Located in Seattle, WA with 2 area locations. Specializing in metal, rock, and acoustic guitar. Sign up now for guitar lessons in Seattle.

Want to learn to play guitar in the style of Yngwie Malmsteen, Zakk Wylde and Joe Satriani? Sign up for specialized hard rock and metal guitar lessons now in the Vancouver/Portland area with FireWolfe guitarist Nick Layton.

Have you hit a brick wall with your playing? Know a few chords but not really sure where to go next? Take your playing to the next level with uxbridge guitar lessons today. %C

Are you looking for a guitar teacher in St. Ives and Huntingdon, UK, for yourself or your child? Whether you are an experienced guitar player or a complete beginner, I can show you how to become the guitar player you want to be. Contact me now for a FREE first lesson.

Online guitar lessons and free articles can get you started on guitar, but nothing can replace having direct interaction and guidance from a live teacher. You want a guitar coach that can take you to the next skill level. Together we will work out a unique program for you to help you reach your musical goals, whether it’s just for fun or you want to make music a career. You supply the enthusiasm to learn, I’ll give you the instruction to rock it out!

You can become the great guitar player you've always dreamed about being. The West Michigan Guitar School has the solution to your guitar playing problems with guitar lessons in Grand Rapids. Make fast progress on the guitar by learning the right things and the best way to practice them to improve your guitar playing quickly. Get a free lesson and see how Paul Kleff can help you bring out the music you have within you!

Be a rock star in music and in life! Experience a totally unique music education environment for you or your child with guitar lessons in Arvada, CO.

Om du har akkurat begynt Πspille gitar, eller om du har masse erfaring og vil ta spillingen videre, sjekk ut Kristiansand Gitartimer nΠfor effektiv fremgang.

Are you sick of getting ‘’one size fits all’’ style of guitar lessons? Are you new to guitar and aren't sure where to begin? We offer guitar lessons customized to your needs and goals. Learn to play like your hero’s, while having fun, saving time and money at Kildare Guitar School.

Looking for the best local guitar lessons in Southampton? Amplified Guitar Tuition offers the solutions to your playing problems and will help you reach your musical goals! Whether you’re a beginner looking to start or an advancing player in need of instruction, make YOUR dreams come true with guitar lessons “for fun..or to go pro”

 If youÕre a homeschool parent in the Nikiski, Kasilof, Sterling or Soldotna, Alaska areas, and looking to enroll your children in music lessons, we can help you! Kenai Music Lessons is located centrally in Soldotna next to the Sportsmans Warehouse! Visit our website today!

If you want to become the best guitarist you can possibly be then you need the help of an expert instructor who knows exactly how to teach the styles of music you want to learn. Frets on Fire Guitar Tuition brings you the only dedicated Rock, Blues, and Metal guitar lessons in Glasgow, UK.

Looking to become a better Guitar Player? Know of someone who wants to start playing Guitar? At Guitar Lessons in Vredenburg age or location doesn't matter and the focus is ALWAYS on the student and his specific needs - George desires to meet every Students needs, whether a Beginner or Advanced Student. Click on the link and book a FREE Introductory Lesson!

Are you looking for drum lessons that can make you into the drummer you want to be? Are you in the Arvada area? Arvada Drum Lessons can make you drum like the pros in no time.

Du suchst nach Gitarrenunterricht in Dortmund? Du fragst Dich, ob man Musik auch anders lernen kann? Dann bist Du bei Songwriters Shed genau richtig!

Aren't you tired of getting your guitar lessons from another Berklee-graduate Jazz teacher? Aren't you dreaming to be a rock star? Then learn to rock from the rock professionals! We offer Rock, Blues and Metal Guitar lessons in Edmonton, AB.

If you're fustrated with your guitar playing, and you're living in Dublin Ireland, don't look anywhere else. Guitar lessons in Dublin will get you to the next level, don't miss that chance!

Guitar Lessons Fairfield in SW Connecticut offers effective instruction, coaching, training and mentoring in acoustic and electric guitar. I teach beginners and experienced players.

Looking to improve your songwriting skills? You will take your ideas to the stage of a finished production with these songwriting lessons in Dublin. Receive a professional quality recording of your song as part of the program!

Calling all future piano stars! Piano playing is a great way to have fun making music. Piano Lessons in Sacramento can help you to bring out your potential and harness the musical gifts within you.

Come see why Pro Guitar Studio offers the best guitar lessons in Mississauga and Oakville. Whether you're looking to learn your favourite songs, create your own songs and solos, or even prepare for an audition, we've got you covered in every way.

Need help building your chops? Sign up for Guitar lessons in Hamilton to develop your technique to a shred-able level. Add lead guitar techniques, improv and turbo chugging riffs to your arsenal of shred now.

Are you looking for the best rock guitar lessons in Dallas, TX? Jon Chorba will help you reach your guitar playing goals!

Ready to start rocking with your guitar? Come learn the skills it takes to play guitar, and play it well. Taking Guitar Lessons in Anderson with Nathan will help push your guitar playing to the next level.

Are you looking to make maximum progress in your guitar playing? If you're looking for Guitar Lessons in Portland Oregon, we offer personalized instruction in a wide variety of formats.

Are you looking to learn how to play guitar? Are you ready to take lessons with a professional Guitar teacher? Check out Guitar Lessons in Richland, Kennewick WA and sign up for a FREE Introductory Guitar Lesson.

Are you tired of being frustrated with your current ability to play guitar? Don't quit! Become the guitarist you've always dreamed of being by taking guitar lessons with London Guitar Lessons. What are you waiting for? Start moving towards your dreams today.

Are you an aspiring guitarist in Brisbane, Australia? Are you feeling frustrated with your lack of progress? Then check out GuitarLessonsBrisbane.com to find out more about how Nick Tschernez of New Times Learning Centre can help you.

Are you playing Rock or Metal? Want to take lessons, but local teachers teachs only bluse or classic guitar? Check out this Rock and Metal Guitar Lessons in Perm. Here you can find what you're actually looking for!

Are you looking for piano lessons in NYC? Or maybe for voice lessons in NYC? I got both. Information combined with best teaching methods can put you on path to musical freedom today. Don't procrastinate and sign-up for the initial evaluation!

Are you stuck in a rut with your guitar playing? Want to learn how to do killer guitar solos? If you are after guitar lessons in Melbourne, then Greg Trotter is the guy you need to see. Get your first lesson free!

Do you want to impress your friends by being able to play popular songs on the guitar? Do you want to be able to play music for your family on holidays or around the camp fire? Do want to be able to play guitar in a band? If you are looking for guitar lessons in Arvada then you have found them. Instructor Alex Boccia can help you with all those things and more!

Littleton Guitar School offers the best guitar lessons in the Littleton, Highlands Ranch, Centennial, Ken Caryl and southwest Centennial, CO area. Get more than guitar lessons, get results!

Frustrated by boring guitar exercises? Transform your playing with the best guitar lessons in Fort Worth, TX from Eric Bourassa!

Medford Bass Lessons - Learning to play bass guitar can be fun and exciting. Bass players are always in demand in the music world and if you have dreamed of laying down some grooving bass lines, start taking lessons with LB Music School.

Learn how achieve the ability to play rock guitar at the level you desire! I will provide you with goal-oriented guitar lessons tailored to your needs and interests. Join Chris Ball Guitar Academy today for guitar lessons specific to your musical goals and abilities. Chris Ball Guitar Academy is located in the Frankston area.

Dich interessiert wie du dein Songwriting verbesserst? Improvisieren zu können klingt auch spannend? Mit Gitarrenunterricht in Stuttgart kannst du genau in diesen Bereichen deine Ziele erreichen.

Are you a struggling guitar player? Do you find it hard to change between chords, stay in time, or learn your favorite songs? The DFW Rock Academy offers a superior form of Guitar Lessons in Dallas TX. Overcome your frustrations and play the guitar the way that you've always wanted to!

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This page contains a list of great guitar and music resoures not just from the US, but from around the world. This page will be updated as additional material from these and other great musicians become availabe, so be sure to check back periodically. Make sure you check out some of the sites above, they are full of good information that may be of great value to you. Leon Rahmaan (guitarist, composer, instructor) is affiliated with the above musicians and know these are great resources for any guitarist from the beginner to the advanced shredder. So keep playing from the heart and see you soon!

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